Neil Ivamy


I have been involved with Radio Dannevirke for almost 10 years now and enjoy the opportunity to be part of a local voluntary organization.Growing up in a rural area radio was the main source of musical entertainment - music from the 60's & 70's is what it's all about.

Jim Ryan

Show: Handful of Songs & Half Hour of Humour : Breakfast with Jim
Time of show : 1200 - 1400 Sunday & Tuesday Morning 0700 - 1000

In the 1950's & 60's before we had TV life revolved around the radio, We listened to 2ZC in Napier a very happy station I even had an after school job there putting records back in their covers and back into the record library. We had some great show's like "Life With Dexter" "Gun Smoke" "Night Beat" "The Goon Show" to name a few. And then there was the music, Wednesday night at 7.30, "The Lever Hit Parade" Saturday night was "The Top 40 Hits Of The Week". Music was always full of memories for me the songs I listen to during summer holidays, the songs that reminded you of happy and sad events. And most of all I love sharing my music with other people.

Glennis McDonald

Show: Kiwi Konnections, Bands on Parade, Music from Shows & Films, Jazz & Dixie, Musical Alsorts.
Time of show : Mondays 1300 - 1500 & Fridays 1300 - 1600

The radio was always switched on at 7am and went off at 10pm. In the early 60's as a new bride coming from a small country town to live in a remote farming district of Pahiatua the radio was my constant companion. Now it is pay back time

Murray Cushing

Show: Music Memories with Murray
Time of show : 1000 - 1200 Tuesdays

I have always loved music. The radio was always on when I was growing up. I listened to Radio Dannevirke and thought, I could do that. I believe I grew up in when the best music ever was being played in the 1950-60's. So this is the era of music I play. I decided to call my show M.M.M, Music Memories with Murray as the music from that era certainly brings back memories of the request sessions of that time

Jim Edwards

Show: Music With Attitude & Classic @ Noon
Time of show : 0900 - 1200 Wednesday, Tuesday 1300 - 1500

I can remember when I was a lad sitting in front of the radio and listening to shows. These shows were both early morning and late at night, tv's weren't around then. From about 3 years old I could remember shows like "Toot" & "Little Red Riding Hood" these are just a few, Later on it was the "Goon Show". I was asked too come on air, So here I am, now enjoying both the team & the radio audience.

Pat Walshe

Show: Monday Morning : Friday Morning
Time of shows : Monday & Friday 1000 - 1200

After retiring I was asked to join Radio Dannevirke as a Presenter "ME" a hardware manager, I took up the challenge.
So after nearly 3 years at being behind the microphone & 4 different shows later . I am thoroughly enjoying it, Playing all those songs that i enjoy.
I think to be a good presenter you need to have a good voice and prepare your show before you get to the studio.
I am one of those presenters that will not accept less than 100% effort.

Bruce Spence

Shows: Music,Musings & Mischief eh eh Brucie : eh eh Brucie Motoring Programme
Time of shows : 1300 - 1500 on Wednesday, 1st & 3rd Wednesday of Month 1830 - 1930.

Do you enjoy a certain type of music without any interruptions or idle chatter?.
If so don't tune into Radio Dannevirke 107 fm every Wednesday from 1.00 till 3.00pm,
As the programme presenter "Eh Eh Brucie" plays a "smorgasbord" of music, Has Local news, Interviews, Musings plus brickbats & bouquets. An entertaining 2 hour show of easy listening music, Nothing too controversial.!!

Don't forget to join Eh Eh Brucie for Motoring, Nostalgia, Boys & their toy's, Blasts from the past. Local motoring scene and interviews, Plus car club news. Motoring tips etc.
1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month starting at 6.30 to 730pm.

Emily Mott

Show: Kids Korner
Time of show : 0800 - 1000 on Sunday,

I heard Radio Dannevirke were advertizing for presenters(a few years ago) so I rang up and got given a Sunday Kids Show.
I struggled and ended up leaving. Got better came back but health failed again I left again.
2017- I was asked back loved it and I asked Chimari to be my co-host this helped her too have greater confidence as well as helping me. We have alot of fun bringing the show "Kidz Korner" to our audience. Although Chimari is only 9 years old age is only a number. We are all Kidz at heart.
I want to bring back the memories of those that have matured in life but also play modern Kidz music that gets them dancing and happy.

Kevin Jameson

Show: Jammey Jam Session
Time of shows : Thursday Afternoon 1300 - 1500

Hi everyone, I am Kevin Jameson born and bred in Dannevirke & still here so Dannevirke's still got some thing going for it,
With the housing booming.Had a motor trimming and upholstery business and having sold that another presenter asked Me to join the local Radio station 107fm so here I am.
I have always like music of all types, Karaoke singing with My Wife Joan.
My 3 Adult children all love music so it rubs off. May it long continue.

Cheers Kevin Jameson "Jammey Jam Session"
Stuart Wright

Show: Stuarts Studio
Time of show : 1000am - 100pm Thursdays

I've always wanted to be a DJ. In the early 70's I would regularly visit the 3ZM studio in Christchurch and watch through the glass window such personalities as Lindsay Perigo and Paul Holmes playing the latest 45's. Now thanks to Radio Dannevirke, I finally have the opportunity to become one, even if it is for only two hours a week and those 45's are now played through a computer.