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Listen to interview that eh eh Bruce did with

Dick ex Newmans 10-01-2018

Sue Gore Destination motel 22-05-2019

Morris Millar ex Jeweller 19-06-2019

Daniel Feck 03-07-2019

Daniel Feck & Robin Feck 06-11-2019

Election Officers 24-07-2019

Grahame Cheer 07-08-2019

John Phillips 14-08-2019

Greg & Sharron Cuttance 24-07-2019


Listen to interview that Murray did with

Margret from bridge club 05-03-2019

Mike Dannevirke 4square 16-04-2019

Joe Cross from Anglican Church 19-03-2019

health for men 05-10-2019.

Ben 18-11-2019.


Listen to interview that Gary did with

Larry Morris 19-10-2019


Listen to interview that Jamie did with

Cathryn Ashbey 27-06-2019


Listen to interview that Pat did with

Andrew intern doctor 06-5-2019

Tararua addiction 08-02-2019

ladies from Wia splash 20-05-2019.

ladies from Ruahine Ramblers 25-11-2019.

ladies from Ruahine Ramblers 20-05-2019.

ladies from Ruahine Ramblers 20-05-2019.

lions bob a job 02-12-2019.

Jim Ryan

Listen to interview that Jim Ryan did with

Gary local Police 30-08-2019

Rob Harris 22-10-2019.

Brie & Tessa Of St. Joesphs 22-10-2019.

Niel Westwood 12-11-2019.

Bowel Cancer at Mens Weekend 12-11-2019.

White Ribbon Anne 26-11-2019.

Listen to interview that Jim R & Murray did with

James Williams Managing Director of Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 12-2019